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Biking For a Cause in 2008

May 13, 2008

Welcome to the world of The Rims. We’ll be posting info on the many fundraisers we’ll be throwing to support Braking the Cycle. A little bit of back story:

The Rims (Jeffrey, Michael, Philip and Tina) formed after Tina learned about Braking the Cycle – an organization that holds a 275 mile bike ride (from Gettysburg, PA to NYC) with 140 riders who must fundraise at least $3,500 to ride. ALL of the money goes to The LGBT Center in Manhattan in order to support their HIV/AIDS Programs. Why would we want to put ourselves through 275 miles of possible pain? Easy. People still suffer from HIV/AIDS. There is no cure. Programs that The Center offers help those who need medicine, support, counseling and knowledge. 275 miles is a breeze. The hard part is raising the money. You can donate directly here and also attend the awesome events we’re planning for the summer. Below is a great video from last year’s ride. Check it out to see why this ride is so important.